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Exhibiting a deep turquoise blue hue, the stunning tourmaline is joined by approximately 0.51 carat of shimmering diamonds in its delicate 18k yellow gold setting

Exhibiting a deep turquoise blue hue, the stunning tourmaline is joined by approximately 0.51 carat of shimmering diamonds in its delicate 18k yellow gold setting

A time for brilliant sunsets and sun-soaked adventures… summer has finally begun! The mood of leisure, pleasure, and all-around relaxation has fully set in around New Orleans, with locals winding down for the long summer stretch. The calm Gulf Breeze, now swirling with the thick humid air, brings welcome relief as it meanders through the French Quarter and down St. Charles Avenue. With the heat comes the sizzling hot colors of summer – all of which can be found in the ever-brilliant jewelry collection at M.S. Rau Antiques.

From our radiant Mandarin garnets and bold Brazilian tourmalines to a hot bubblegum pink sapphire and brilliant yellow diamonds, M.S. Rau’s most vivid stones provide the perfect pop of color to any summer ensemble. While sparkling white diamonds might be the classic choice, brightly colored gemstones exude a boldness and personality all their own.


Weighing an astounding 14.76 carats, this trilliant-cut canary yellow tourmaline is set with 0.50 carats of white diamonds in its platinum setting

The story of how colored gemstones became so popular today began with the daring pioneering efforts of a true legend: Tiffany & Co. In 1967, a Masai tribesman in Tanzania discovered a rich blue, transparent stone unlike any seen before. Recognizing a unique opportunity, Tiffany & Co. dubbed the stone “tanzanite” and embarked on a hugely successful marketing campaign surrounding the stone. The gemstone market would never be the same; colored gemstones had become en vogue.


Displaying the perfect purplish-pink bubblegum hue for which the finest pink sapphires are so beloved, this enchanting, cushion-shape gem boasts both crystal-clear clarity and grand size

Thanks to the success of the tanzanite, other colored gemstones also entered the limelight. For example, tourmalines, often called the “gemstone of the rainbow” for its wide range of colors, also came into fashion in the beginnings of the colored gemstone craze. Dripping with colored tourmalines, socialites could present themselves at paragons of fashion trends. From the captivating blue of the Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline, to pink and yellow hues, this gemstones can be found in a color for nearly any occasion.

The colored gemstone’s popularity continued when Princess Diana donned her stunning blue sapphire engagement ring in 1981. Consumers everywhere clamored for a rich blue sapphire ring exactly like the elegant Princess of Wales. Yet, like the tourmaline, the sapphire can be found in an array of hues. While the rich blue sapphire evokes the deep waters of the scene, brilliantly hued bubblegum pink sapphires boasts a truly “hot” pink hue that is nearly incomparable.

Unlike your typical diamond jewelry, colored gemstones possess a boldness and beauty all their own. These spectacular stones, ever increasing in popularity, pose an exciting opportunity to new buyers and an equally exciting chance for an experienced collector to add variety to their collection.



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