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Stay Home with M.S. Rau

While COVID-19 is forcing the closure of museums and galleries around the world, digital platforms still allow us all to enjoy a little art and culture while under self-isolation. The unpredictable times in which we all find ourselves may mean that you presently have some time on your hands, affording you the opportunity to explore topics and hobbies that have always been of interest. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of great virtual exhibitions, exploratory blogs, collector’s guides and more from our sales staff and researchers that you can check out from the comfort and safety of your home. Luckily, in this day and age, all you need to lose yourself in history and art is access to the internet.


Virtual Exhibitions

Leda and the Swan from the Workshop of Bartholomaeus Spranger, Late 16th Century


Leda and the Swan from the Workshop of Bartholomaeus Spranger, Late 16th Century



Undressed: An Exploration of the Nude

In our latest online exclusive exhibition, M.S. Rau delves into the history of this time-honored subject, exploring the styles, artists and models that have defined and redefined the nude over the centuries. Bringing together a carefully curated selection of nudes from M.S. Rau’s own collection with important examples from museums, this exhibition discusses their place in the overarching timeline of art history.



Virgin and Child with Saints Jerome and Bernard, by Benvenuto di Giovanni, c. 1475


Virgin and Child with Saints Jerome and Bernard by Benvenuto di Giovanni, c. 1475



Mary: Virgin, Mother, Icon

Devotional images of the Virgin Mary have pervaded art history since the advent of Christianity. She has been depicted both as a saintly figure deserving of veneration and in scenes that were common to all womankind. These archetypal images in many ways mimicked society’s views of real women, while also providing an ideal figure for their behavior. Mary: Virgin, Mother, Icon explores these tropes and more through an exploration of Madonna representations over the ages, from Early Renaissance icons to modern masterpieces.



The Colosseum by Luigi Gallandt, Circa 1850-75


The Colosseum by Luigi Gallandt, Circa 1850-75



The Art of Stone: Masterpieces in Marble, Micromosaic and Pietre Dure


Sculpting in stone is one of humankind’s oldest and most celebrated artistic traditions. Since antiquity, skilled artisans have manipulated agate, malachite, marble, porphyry and other hardstones into exquisite objects and works of lapidary art. Later masterpieces in stone, from nudes carved in marble to impossibly intricate micromosaics, continue to inspire both awe and envy. We have carefully curated an impressive selection of antique hardstone objects from around the world, culminating in this exhibition entitled The Art of Stone. The collection offers the very best hardstone creations ever made by Western artisans.


Collector’s Guides


Swiss Gold Singing Bird Box. Circa 1830.


Swiss Gold Singing Bird Box. Circa 1830.

Collector’s Guide: Bird Boxes

Sometimes it is the smallest antiques that are the most luxurious — and charming! The singing bird box certainly fits this description. Miniature works of art that can sit in the palm of your hand, bird boxes bring together the mechanical ingenuity of the watchmaker with the cultivated eye of the goldsmith. Check out our Antique Bird Box Collector’s Guide for a deep dive into these diminutive treasures.


Collector’s Guide: Canes

Antique walking sticks are one of our most popular and diverse categories. From antique decorative canes to antique weapon canes and more, this essential Walking Stick Collector’s Guide outlines all that you need to know about collecting antique canes.


Collector’s Guide: Understanding Silver Hallmarks

Hallmarks have been used for centuries to help identify, date and grade silver, plate, gold and platinum. For collectors of English antique silver, a working knowledge of the different types of British hallmarks is essential. It's one of the few fields of collecting that allows you to accurately identify maker, origin and date simply by deciphering the hallmark. This Antique Silver Collector's Guide teaches the basics about this important method of silver identification.



Egginton Cut Glass Plate in Trellis pattern


Egginton Cut Glass Plate in Trellis pattern

Collector’s Guide: American Brilliant Period Cut Glass

American cut glass from the Brilliant Period (1876-1917) can be counted among the most important decorative objects that were ever made in the United States. With this Antique Glass Collector’s Guide, learn about the history of these dazzling pieces, as well as how to identify and collect American Brilliant Period cut glass.


Collector's Guide: Wedgwood

From vases to dinnerware, our Wedgwood collection offers something for every kind of collector. Check out our special Wedgwood Collector’s Guide to learn more about the different types of Wedgwood stoneware that are most essential for collectors.

Collector’s Guide: Jewelry

Collector’s Guide: Jewelry

With a passion for the highest-quality antique jewelry comes a deep knowledge and expertise that we strive to share with our collectors and the public. This comprehensive Jewelry Collector’s Guide will help deepen your appreciation of jewelry and gemstones, and help you make informed decisions when acquiring this wearable art.


Gallery Blog: Canvases, Carats & Curiosities

Articles on our blog give both snapshots and in-depth explorations of the objects in our gallery. Learn more about some of our favorite artists and makers, revisit some of your gallery favorites and catch a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how M.S. Rau operates. Here are some of our recent favorites post and articles:



The Alchemist by Pieter Brueghel the Younger. Circa 1600.


The Alchemist by Pieter Brueghel the Younger. Circa 1600.



Our Top Ten Paintings that Tell a Great Story

Click here to read about Sales Consultant Deborah Choate’s very favorite paintings in the collection at M.S. Rau that tell a great story, and prepare to be transported into every artwork scene!


A Guide to Antique Mixology

Whether you’re a brandy drinker, tequila fan or simply enjoy a glass of wine after a long day, M.S. Rau has you covered. We offer a unique selection of culinary antiques that will transform your home into your favorite cocktail bar. Click here to learn more about the pieces, as well as some of our favorite cocktail recipes!


Enter the Third Dimension: Decorating with Sculpture

When one thinks about adding to their art collection or decorating their home, naturally the thing that first comes to mind is a two-dimensional work of art for a wall or mantel. But paintings aren’t the only way to enhance your space and show off your personality. Sculpture is a versatile option that can lend a sense of culture and character to your home. Click here to read our guide on how to successfully decorate with sculpture in your home.

The Master of Modern Art: Pablo Picasso

One could argue that Pablo Picasso was the most influential artist to have ever lived. He was certainly one of the most diverse, creating works of art in a dizzying array of styles and media throughout his nearly 80-year long career. Artists continue to emulate his works, while his prints and paintings hang in homes and museums around the world. Click here to learn more about the modern master.


The Royal Boulle Marquetry Commode by Blake


The Royal Boulle Marquetry Commode by Blake

Show a Little Leg: Three Centuries of French Table Legs

Each period of French furniture design can be identified with just a little insight into how the styles changed with the times. Click here to learn about how French furniture styles developed over the centuries, with a focus on their most supportive feature — their legs.


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