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Swiss Chalet Musical Cave à Liqueur



A fantastic display of Swiss ingenuity and craftsmanship, this marvelous chalet music box by B.A. Bremond holds much more than a wonderful tune. This amazing creation, once the "roof" lid is opened, reveals a 12-piece crystal cave à liqueur service.


The exterior of this chalet is the height of intricacy and is entirely hand carved to resemble the traditional wooden cottages found in the Swiss Alps. A diminutive clock is featured on the chalet's facade, and can easily be wound at the 6 position. The music box mechanism is located in the base and, once activated, plays a selection of 12 tunes, including "Le Carnaval de Venise" and "The Wedding March" as indicated by the hand-written tune card that accompanies the chalet.


To access the cave à liqueur within, simply lift open the roof and facade to reveal 10 liqueur glasses and two decanters, all of which are adorned with a lovely etched notch motif. The set rests within a removable wooden frame that securely holds the delicate crystal in place.


Music boxes were at the height of fashion in the late 19th century serving as a status symbol for European gentry. Switzerland was the birthplace of the music box and home to all the most renowned manufacturers. Large, intricate chalet boxes such as this example are highly sought after by collectors, but to find a chalet that also incorporates both a clock and a cave à liqueur is incredibly rare.


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