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The Empress of Austria's Jewel Case


A TO Z MINERALS AND GEMS, December 2010--

An extraordinary gemstone encrusted jewel case specifically created for Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie, Empress of Austria, Queen of Hungary, and Royal Princess of Bavaria.


Empress Jewel Case


Designed in a castle form, this magnificent case is generously adorned with polished and carved stones of amethyst, rock crystal, tiger's eye, malachite, and amber mounted in beautiful, hand-worked doré bronze. The central jewelry box is raised on four doré bronze paw feet and surmounted by portrait cameos of Empress Elisabeth and her husband, Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph.


The entirety of this case is a masterwork with every inch consisting of layer upon layer of precious jewel inlays. Incomparable in design and rarity, this jewelry case is a glorious piece of history from the Imperial Hapsburg family. Complete with a custom-made ebony stand. Circa 1870.


Empress Elisabeth, also known as Sissi, became a 19th-century icon who can be compared to Princess Diana. Married to the Emperor at the age of 16, the Bavarian princess had difficulty adapting to the strict etiquette of the Hapsburg court and spent most of her adult life traveling among Imperial villas in Ischl, Corfu, Greece and Hungary. Beautiful and fashionable, Sissi had a significant impact on popular culture in Europe during the late-19th century. Her jewelry case, so lavishly decorated with thousands of stones, is testament to her exquisite taste. The Empress was tragically assassinated in 1898 while walking along the promenade of Lake Geneva.


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