The Lore of the Sapphire: September Birthstone

Sensational and breathtaking, the sapphire is truly one of a kind. For centuries the magnificent stone has symbolized nobility, truth, sincerity, and royalty. Beginning with ancient Greece through the Middle Ages, wealthy citizens wore sapphires as protection against harm and to foster peace with one’s enemies. In the modern era, the sapphire encapsulates chic elegance, a notion epitomized by Princess Diana’s stunning blue sapphire engagement ring.




A rare Ceylon pink sapphire captivates in this exceptional ring

A rare Ceylon pink sapphire captivates in this exceptional ring


Throughout its existence, this classic gemstone has always been associated with its most common color – a stunning deep blue. Yet, the family of sapphires is quite large, with hues that span the color spectrum. A stone of great versatility, the sapphire can be violet, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, and even shades of grey or brown. With each color comes its own quality variation, mineral composition, and specific market. What each has in common, however, is its intense durability, measuring a 9 out of 10 on the MOHS scale of mineral hardness - an extraordinary rating.



The pink sapphire is among the rarest and most desirable of these fancy colored sapphires, and are remarkably popular as a substitute for pink diamonds. This color of this extraordinary gemstone can range from red to purple through lighter peach tones, with weak to strong color saturation. What is most highly desirable in pink sapphires, however, is bright color saturation and incredible clarity. The unmistakable brilliant pink coloring is evident in this rare Bubblegum pink sapphire ring. At 16.37 carats, this bright pink gemstone hails from the coveted Ceylon region in Sri Lanka, a mine renowned for producing some of the most extraordinary sapphires in the world.  This exceptional gemstone is untreated and certified by C. Dunaigre Counsulting, meaning its remarkable beauty is completely natural. This impeccable stone is flanked by 2.06 carats of shield -ut white diamonds, and is set in a classic platinum and 18K yellow gold setting.



This untreated gem features a cushion shape and a modified brilliant/step cut

This untreated gem features a cushion shape and a modified brilliant/step cut


The remarkable range of unique colors of sapphires is also evident in this eye-catching green stone. While green sapphires typically range from light to dark bluish green through yellowish green, the most rare are rich greens that hint at bluish hues. This 4.81-carat green sapphire ring is comprised of 1.05 carats of white diamonds in a platinum and 18K gold setting. Certified by the GemResearch Swisslab and C. Dunaige, this green sapphire is unheated and completely natural. In an impeccable cushion cut, this deep green sapphire displays a rich viridescent beauty that few stones achieve.




This gem is a brilliant blue color outdoors, but takes on a purplish hue under incandescent light

Weighing 21.41 carats, the sapphire is joined by approximately 0.44 carats of white diamonds



Undeniably, the most rare and desirable of these colored gemstones are color-change sapphires. With the ability to change color under different lighting conditions, this sapphire is truly a natural wonder. In daylight, the remarkable stone displays brilliant cornflower blue hue. While under incandescent light, however, the color changes to a deep, reddish-purple. A true wonder and rarity, this stone is certified by AGL to be completely natural and untreated. In a classic platinum setting, this sapphire boasts rarity and immense importance.



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