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All Things in Bloom



Entitled Geraniums, the piece displays Buffet’s renowned avant-garde style


Chirping birds, sun-filled days, vibrant views, and breezy pleasantness… all of these herald the awakening of spring. In New Orleans, springtime is bustling with joyous occasions, festivals, and celebrations. People burst outdoors to soak up the sunshine and glorious weather until the thick humidity of June sets in. The warm, calm breeze meanders through the lush neighborhoods Uptown, the hustle and bustle Downtown, down the historic streets of the French Quarter, and into M.S. Rau Antiques, where many of our extraordinary pieces display an ode to springtime aesthetics in their expressive colors and floral motifs in different mediums.


Bernard Buffet, a French expressionist painter, created many pieces that portrayed brilliant bursts of bright color. While he painted religious scenes and landscapes, his floral depictions are some of his most vibrant and captivating. His piece, Geraniums, from 1978 depicts a blooming flourish of coral-colored flowers that dominate the scene. This bold floral design is accentuated by thick black outlines that heighten the dramatic effect of the composition. The slender flowers stretch upward and rich green paint colors the flowers’ leaves, serving as a perfect balance to the artist’s dramatic style. Geraniums, a symbol for determination and elegance, are a perfect representation of the beauty of Spring.  Part of the artistic group known as "L'homme Témoin" ("The Witness-Men"), Buffet's canvases favored the expression of feeling over physical reality, and here all of the freshness of Spring emanates from his canvas.





Stamped with Meissen crossed swords and asterisks in blue underglaze, with impressed numerals MeissenTeaSet


Less dramatic, but no less beautiful, this Meissen Tea and Coffee Service features exquisite floral designs of the “Meissen Rose” pattern. Meissen Porcelain was the first European factory to produce true or “hard paste” porcelain pieces. Each piece of this stunning thirty-nine piece collection has an individual cartouche of the floral bouquet design featuring fine layers of bright yellow, elegant blues, pinks, purples, and rich green paints. Exquisite 18K gold gilt borders enclose each bouquet design. These meticulously rendered designs show true precision and skill of the set’s craftsman. A Meissen set this large, with each piece individually painted in such a precise fashion, is extremely rare and heightens the extraordinary importance and artistry of the collection.




The gem’s rich hue and brilliance are hallmarks of the famed Paraiba stones.


This Paraiba Tourmaline Ring features stone in a bright, refreshing green hue. Characterizing the abundance of greenery that reappears in the spring, this spearmint colored green gem boasts radiance and vibrancy. Set in 18K gold and platinum, this 8.06-carat gem is set in a halo of diamonds. To find one of this size is astonishing and extraordinary.






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