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Tickled Pink


Natural Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

M.S. Rau's Natural Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

Jewelry is serious business. The very best jewelry, like we have here at M.S. Rau, is endorsed by qualified gemologists and has been certified in labs. Gems are inspected and rated for physical characteristics and the source is noted – whether South Sea pearls or Golconda diamonds. There is so much sophisticated science involved in that it’s easy to forget just how much fun jewelry can be.


We have a new piece in the gallery that is pure fun. It’s a natural pink tourmaline and diamond ring with a simply magnificent hue. Depending on the light, the stunning tourmaline varies between a honeyed rose to a slight lavender. Pink is among the rarest hues in which to find this colorful gem, and at 15.29 carats, it is truly impressive. I have never seen a tourmaline in the unique Asscher cut, which makes this antique ring even more spectacular.  The white gold setting and two sparkling baguette diamonds perfectly frame the joyful pink gem. This ring shines!


And since we are serious about jewelry at M.S. Rau, I will let you know that tourmaline is rated as a natural pink diamond transparent with very good clarity and the diamonds are near colorless with a VS1 and VS2 clarity.


This pink tourmaline and diamond ring would be the life of the party of any jewelry collection. Click here to see more of M.S. Rau’s beautiful jewelry.


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