Animal Paintings

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The depiction of animals in art dates as far back as man himself. From ancient cave paintings that capture our ancestors' earliest interactions with wildlife, to early Egyptian and native works exulting the spiritual virtues of animals, to the elaborate portraits our domesticated pets popular in the 19th century, paintings of animals have captivated our attention and our hearts. The M.S. Rau collection features a variety of works that capture all manner of creature, including birds, livestock, horses and, of course, cats and dogs.

Animal artists, and pet portraiture in particular, found favor in British art in the late 17th century and continued well into the early 20th century as patrons of wealth and nobility sought to immortalize their beloved companions. Today, it is quite common to find animal subjects in fine art, whether in a family portrait or showcased on their own.

Finding the Perfect Pet Portrait or Painting

Collectors and historians alike have enjoyed the playfulness and artistic style of animal and pet paintings for centuries, often relying on them for scientific reference, and always appreciating them for their intrinsic beauty. If you are looking for an original painting or piece of artwork to add to your fine art collection, consider a fine animal painting. Browse our beautiful selection of animal paintings today.