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Chippendale Furniture: A Classic of English Design

Chippendale furniture is one of the most iconic and influential styles of furniture in the history of design. It was named after Thomas Chippendale, a London cabinetmaker who published a book of his designs in 1754 called The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker’s Director. Chippendale furniture is characterized by graceful curves, elaborate carvings, rich mahogany wood and refined proportions. It combines elements from various sources, such as Rococo, Gothic, Chinese and Neoclassical. Whether you are looking for a dining table, a chest of drawers, a chair or a mirror, you will find it in the Chippendale style. At M.S. Rau, we offer a curated selection of Chippendale furniture for sale, including antique, vintage and reproduction pieces. You can shop for them at our online shop or our gallery in New Orleans.

Chippendale furniture reflects the taste and culture of 18th century England. It was made for the wealthy and sophisticated clientele who wanted to display their status and elegance. It was also influenced by the discoveries and innovations of the time, such as new trade routes with Asia, new scientific discoveries and new artistic movements. Chippendale furniture showcases the craftsmanship and skill of the cabinetmakers who created it, using traditional techniques such as dovetailing, mortise and tenon joints and veneering. It also reveals the beauty and quality of the materials used, such as mahogany, walnut, satinwood and brass.

At M.S. Rau, we are passionate about Chippendale furniture and we have been collecting and selling it for over a century. We have a team of experts who carefully research and authenticate every piece we offer, ensuring that you can buy Chippendale furniture online with confidence. We also back every piece we sell with an unparalleled 125% guarantee, giving you the assurance you need to shop our exquisite rare art for sale.

Browse Our Collection of Chippendale Furniture Online or Visit Our Gallery

Our collection of Chippendale furniture is unmatched in quality and variety. You can browse from fine Chippendale tables in different shapes and sizes, such as dining tables, side tables, console tables and Pembroke tables. You can also find elegant Chippendale chairs in different styles and designs, such as armchairs, side chairs, wing chairs and ladder-back chairs. You can also admire the beauty and functionality of Chippendale chests in different types and forms, such as chests of drawers, tallboys, commodes and dressing tables. You can also explore the charm and versatility of Chippendale mirrors in different shapes and frames, such as oval mirrors, rectangular mirrors, girandole mirrors and fretwork mirrors.

No matter what type of Chippendale furniture you are looking for, you will find it at M.S. Rau. Our online shop allows you to shop from anywhere in the world. You can also visit our gallery in New Orleans, where you can see our Chippendale furniture in person and enjoy our friendly and knowledgeable service. Whether you buy Chippendale furniture online or in our gallery, you will be delighted by our exceptional selection and customer care.

Our selection of Chippendale furniture is constantly changing as we acquire new treasures from around the world. Shop now and discover why M.S. Rau is the ultimate destination for Chippendale furniture online.