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If you are searching for the perfect opal engagement ring, few stones are as unique, rare, or incredibly beautiful as fine opals. Fine jewelry made of precious opals presents a stunning kaleidoscope of colors, ranging from yellow, red, orange, green, blue, and pink. These standout gems are the official stone of Australia and are most commonly mined from its shores. Australian opals account for 95% of the world’s supply. When considering an Australian opal ring, it's important to appreciate the historical significance of these pieces. Many vintage opal rings are inspired by the styles favored by Queen Victoria, adding a royal touch to their allure. Not only do we carry Australian opal rings, you can also find Ethiopian opal rings in our collection. Welo opals, often categorized as fire opals due to their yellow, orange, or reddish-brown colors, are sourced from the Wolo Province in Ethiopia. No matter the ring style or design you are looking for, find a ring set with a v precious opal that will take your breath away.

What Do Opal Rings Symbolize?

Known to be the October birthstone, the opal gemstone can be seen as a symbol of passion, love, and desire. The opal is the only known colored gem that can contain all of the rainbow's hues in a single stone. From white gold, to fire opal and black opal, the multicolored opal gemstone is sure to set you apart from the crowd, making opal rings for women the perfect statement piece or for everyday wear.

Find an antique opal ring that displays an impressive range of striking iridescent hues of blue and green, or yellow and gold that transform in different lighting. Whether you're looking for a delicate gold ring with an opal gemstone to wear every day or an opal stone with diamond accents to make a statement, something that stands out, you will find the perfect piece of jewelry set with a natural opal stone in our collection. Additionally, the allure of a diamond cocktail ring featuring a black opal is unmatched, offering a luxurious and sparkling addition to any collection. We offer a luxurious collection of fine antique opal jewelry and opal rings of excellent purity and vivid color.

Rare Opal Rings for Every Occasion

If you are searching for a one-of-a-kind antique engagement ring, choose an opal engagement ring as stunning and unique as your loved one. An opal diamond ring laid with a luxurious 18k yellow gold band is a popular choice for those seeking a blend of tradition and modernity in their engagement ring. Opal rings also don't have to just be presented as engagement rings. You can have an opal wedding ring, opal promise ring, or other types of opal jewelry such as opal earrings with diamond accents, an eternity ring with a diamond band and more. This gemstone is exquisitely versatile.

A black opal ring with a diamond setting is a beautiful collector's ring. These amazing antique rings and pieces of opal jewelry are crafted to represent the finest quality and cut, and express nearly every color of the visible spectrum. Whether you want a stunning fire opal ring or a gorgeous Australian Lightning Ridge black opal, our elegant, antique opal rings are as extraordinary as they are exquisite and will make the perfect gift for your loved one.

M.S. Rau's 125% guarantee makes it easy for customers to fall in love with our extraordinary opal rings and antique jewelry pieces. Browse now to discover the ideal opal set for you or your loved one and also consider our jewelry care tips to maintain the luster of your opal jewelry.