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Antique Perfume Bottles

Old Antique & Vintage Perfume Bottles

Antique perfume bottles were first developed during the late 19th century and early 20th century for both advertising and merchandising purposes. Long ago, antique perfume bottles served their intended functional purpose as containers to hold a woman's perfume. Each vintage perfume bottle exuded fine elegance, helping to serve as both a fragrance container and a decorative piece.

These scent vessels are usually made out of ornate glass bottles in distinctive styles such as Art Nouveau with a decorative element such as a beautiful pattern or picture. Our collection of antique perfume bottles are in excellent condition and each is backed by our 125% Guarantee. Our collection includes designs from artists such as Rene Lalique and Jacob Petit in styles such as Art Nouveau, Venetian, Louis XV-Style and more.

Explore our collection of captivating antique perfume bottles. Cut glass bottles paired with decorative gold & silver accents make the perfect collectible.

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