OUR AUTHENTICITY WARRANTY: We warrant, subject to the terms below, that our objects and works are authentic (our “authenticity warranty”). If, within 5 years of the date of purchase, you give notice to us that your object or work is not authentic, subject to the terms below, we will refund the purchase price paid by you. The meaning of authentic can be found at the end of this authenticity warranty.  The terms of the authenticity warranty are as follows: (a) It will be honored for claims notified within a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. After such time, we will not be obligated to honor the authenticity warranty. (b) The authenticity warranty does not apply to any object or work which is qualified. Qualified means limited by a clarification in our written description.  For example, use of the term “ATTRIBUTED TO…” in a description of a piece means that the object or work is in M.S. Rau’s opinion probably a work by the named artist or maker but no warranty is provided that the object or work is of the named artist or maker. (c) The authenticity warranty does not apply where scholarship has developed since the date of purchase leading to a change in generally accepted opinion. Further, it does not apply if the item description either matched the generally accepted opinion of experts at the date of the purchase or drew attention to any conflict of opinion. (d) The authenticity warranty does not apply if the object or work can only be shown not to be authentic by a scientific process which, on the date we published the online product description, was not available or generally accepted for use, or which was unreasonably expensive or impractical, or which was likely to have damaged the piece. (e) The benefit of the authenticity warranty is only available to the original buyer shown on the invoice for the object issued at the time of the sale and only if on the date of the notice of claim, the original buyer is the full owner of the object or work and the piece is free from any claim, interest or restriction by anyone else. The benefit of this authenticity warranty may not be transferred to anyone else.


Authentic is defined as: a genuine example, rather than a copy or forgery of: (i) the work of a particular artist or maker, described as the work of that artist; (ii) a work created within a particular period or culture, if the product copy describes a work as created during that period or culture; (iii) an object for a particular origin source if the copy describes as being of that origin or source; or (iv) in the case of gems, a piece which is made of a particular material, if the copy describes it as being made of that material.

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