Bateaux de pêche, Audierne, by Henry Moret

  • This vibrant oil on canvas is the work of Impressionist master Henry Moret
  • The work captures a view of fishing boats off of the coast of Audierne in Brittany
  • Exquisitely composed, the work reflects Moret's mastery over light and color
  • One of the most admired artists of the Pont-Aven school, his works are highly regarded
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Henry Moret
1856-1913 | French

Bateaux de pêche, Audierne
(Fishing Boat, Audierne)

Signed and dated “Henry Moret 1906” (lower left)
Oil on canvas

Beautifully composed and imbued with vivid color, this oil on canvas is the work of Impressionist Henry Moret. One of the most celebrated painters of the Pont-Aven School, Moret’s lasting reputation is tied to his talent for capturing the bright skies, tranquil waterways and diverse coastline of northern France. With a mastery of plein air composition and a deep appreciation for the natural world, the artist paints with such artistry that his subject is transformed into something timeless and eternal. His genius for recreating natural phenomena on canvas is most evident in this work entitled Bateaux de pêche, Audierne.

The oil on canvas depicts fishing boats off the coast of Audierne in North-Western France, capturing the effects of light and weather upon the rough seas. Moret's rich impasto conveys the energy of the water, which is depicted in a profusion of green and blue hues. Fishing boats dramatically punctuate the canvas, rendered in deep crimson and purple hues that stand out against the otherwise cool palette of the painting. Simultaneously naturalistic and emotive, the oil reveals Moret’s intense devotion to and love for the seaside of Brittany.

As a young man in military service in 1875, Moret discovered the beauty of France’s northern coasts, particularly those of Normandy and Brittany. After his tour ended, he embarked on his artistic career, completing his formal education at the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts under Jean-Paul Laurens and Jean-Leon Gérôme. In 1881, he returned to the north and became greatly influenced by the artist of Pont-Aven, particularly Gauguin. Moret had already begun exploring more abstract theories within his works, but it was his time with Gauguin that opened his eyes to the concept of Symbolism.

After Gauguin left Pont-Aven in 1891, Moret returned to his Impressionist roots and found a balance between the two methodologies. In Les Aiguilles du Port-Coton à Belle-Île, there is a clear Impressionist handling of the brush with more subjective hues. The contrast gives the work a depth and vivacity unique to Moret’s paintings. From the shadows of the jagged rocks to the stillness of the sea, the artist creates a delicate balance within his subject that portrays both the beauty and power of nature.

This important work will be included in the forthcoming Henry Moret catalogue raisonné currently being prepared by Jean-Yves Rolland. 

Dated 1906

Canvas: 21 1/2” high x 32” wide
Frame: 28 1/4" high x 38 3/4" wide
Bateaux de pêche, Audierne, by Henry Moret
Maker: Moret_Henry
Period: 1816-1918
Origin: France
Type: Paintings
Depth: 2.0 Inches
Width: 38.75 Inches
Height: 28.25 Inches
Style: Impressionism
Canvas Width: 32 Inches
Canvas Height: 21.5 Inches

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