Ethiopian Opal Bead Necklace, 680.00 Carats

  • This striking necklace boasts 34 fine opal beads weighing approximately 680.00 total carats
  • The opals are joined by black onyx and emerald roundels totaling approximately 26.40 carats
  • It is very difficult to find opal blocks thick enough to create such large beads
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Item No. 31-4380

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Thirty-four solid opal beads totaling approximately 680.00 carats line the length of this eye-catching necklace. The graduated gems are an impressive size and perfectly matched, with each exhibiting a high level of translucence and a rainbow of colors. Opals are not cut into beads very often, as they are usually found in thin layers, and bigger deposits are exceptionally rare. Cutting the round structure also creates a great deal of excess– about 90% of the rough opal is cut away to create just one bead. To find 34 matching beads of this size and exceptional quality is extraordinary beyond compare.

Opals are truly the stuff of legend. It was the Romans who first classified the black opal as a precious gemstone, believing that it was a source of good fortune. Since that time, the black opal has found its way into the crown jewels of many nations, including the Holy Roman Empire, France and England. In fact, it was the opal that Queen Victoria counted as her most favorite gem.

The gems are set with emerald beads totaling approximately 28.00 carats and black onyx roundels.

28" length
Ethiopian Opal Bead Necklace, 680.00 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Type: Necklaces
Style: Modern

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