Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Dragonfly Brooch

  • This dragonfly brooch was commissioned by Fred Leighton and made by Carvin French
  • This amazing brooch features 60.26 total carats of fancy vivid yellow diamonds
  • The setting is made en tremblant, allowing it to flutter when worn
  • This brooch was made for Patricia Kluge, wife of Metromedia founder, billionaire John Kluge
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Item No. 30-7565

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Enveloped in a sea of 60.26 carats of fancy vivid yellow diamonds is this tour de force creation from jewelry legends Fred Leighton and Carvin French. Made for Patricia Kluge, then-wife of the billionaire founder of Metromedia John Kluge, this monumental brooch is crafted en tremblant, allowing the dragonfly to flutter with the movements of the wearer. Rubies totaling 5.40 carats punctuate the eyes and torso of this awe-inspiring brooch. 

While it is quite difficult to gather and match over 20 carats of yellow diamonds, 60 carats of matching stones is nearly impossible. Even more impressive is that these diamonds bear the most desired and valued color grade: vivid, which is given to the small number of colored diamonds that display the very best color saturation. 

Signed “Fred Leighton” 

4 1/4" length x 6 1/2" wide
Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Dragonfly Brooch
Period: Contemporary
Origin: America
Type: Brooches
Width: 6.25 Inches
Height: 4.25 Inches
Style: Modern
Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Dragonfly Brooch
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