Jennings Golfa-Rola Golf Ball Vendor Slot Machine

  • This Golfa-Rola slot machine paid the winner in golf balls rather than money
  • This slot vendor was created by O.D. Jennings & Company, a leader of the era in fine slot machines
  • The machine is one of a handful of such golf ball vendors known to exist in working condition
  • For a quarter, a player could win up to 10 golf balls in a single spin
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Item No. 30-7681

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Created by the O.D. Jennings & Company of Chicago, this Golfa Rola upright golf ball vendor slot machine is an incredibly rare piece of vintage Americana. The 25-cent slot is in impeccable condition, complete with its original glass display front that showcases the multitude of golf balls (which are original to the machine) that can be won – with luck! Found in prominent golf clubs across the country, these nostalgic machines were designed to pay out in golf balls rather than money. With a single spin, a player could take a chance at winning up to 10 golf balls. 

Floor model slot machines such as this are far rarer than their countertop-sized counterparts - such machines were only found in high-end golf resorts of the early and mid-20th century. What makes this machine all the rarer is that vendor slot machines such as this one were declared gambling devices in 1941 - just a year after the Golfa Rola went into production. Thus, production of these new models would not only have abruptly ended, but any unsold machines would have been destroyed. 

Circa 1940

59 1/2" high x 20" wide x 22" deep
Jennings Golfa-Rola Golf Ball Vendor Slot Machine
Maker: Jennings
Period: 20th Century
Origin: America
Type: Slot Machines
Depth: 22.0 Inches
Width: 20.0 Inches
Height: 59.5 Inches

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