Swiss Station Cylinder Music Box

  • This Swiss station music box is a marvelous specimen of Swiss mechanical artistry
  • "Station" references its use in entertaining guests in public venues, such as train stations
  • This particular box features tiny dancers twirling along with the music as it plays
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Item No. 30-7460

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Tiny dancers twirl to the melodious tunes produced by this incredible Swiss station cylinder music box. The cylinder is joined by a drum and bells that give richness and depth to the wonderful music the box creates. Music boxes were at the height of fashion in the late 19th century and served as a status symbol for European gentry. Switzerland was the birthplace of cylinder music boxes and home to the great majority of the most renowned manufacturers. This particular style, commonly referred to as a “station” or “showcase” box, was used to entertain guests in hotel lobbies, train stations and other similar public places. Today, these ingenious musical masterpieces are highly sought-after by collectors of musical automata.

Circa 1890

33 1/8" wide x 16 7/8" deep x 31 1/2" high
Swiss Station Cylinder Music Box
Period: 19th Century
Origin: Switzerland
Type: Cylinder Music Boxes
Depth: 16.88 Inches
Width: 33.13 Inches
Height: 31.5 Inches

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