Untreated Star Ruby Ring, 11.07 Carats

  • A rare 11.07-carat star ruby is at the center of this ring
  • The untreated cabochon jewel dazzles with its clearly defined star
  • Set in platinum with diamonds totaling 3.16 carats
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Item No. 30-6930

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This incredible untreated star ruby boasts an astounding 11.07 carats and is accentuated by 3.16 carats of fine white diamonds. The rare stone is so named as it displays the phenomenon known as asterism, which means that tiny needle-like titanium dioxide, or rutile, fibers in the ruby create a pattern and reflect light to form what appears to be the rays of a star. Very few gems possess the clearly defined fiber pattern necessary to create the brilliant star seen in this stunning ruby. Set in platinum.
Untreated Star Ruby Ring, 11.07 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Type: Rings
Style: Modern
Untreated Star Ruby Ring, 11.07 Carats
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