Winter in Washington Square, New York by Johann Berthelsen

  • This charming winter cityscape by Johann Berthelsen is a masterpiece of American Impressionism
  • The oil captures the ambiance of the snowfall in New York's Washington Square in winter
  • Berthelsen is celebrated for his romantic renderings of the urban landscape such as this
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Johann Berthelsen
1883-1972 | American        

Winter in Washington Square, New York   

Signed "Johann Berthelsen" (lower right)
Oil on canvas

A master of the American Impressionist movement, Johann Berthelsen’s wintertime scene perfectly portrays the beauty and ambiance of snowfall in the city. The scene wonderfully depicts Washington Square in New York City under a veil of blinding flurries, while streetcars and bundle figures battle the weather. Heavily influenced by the Impressionists of France, Berthelsen sacrifices the details of the cityscape in favor of atmosphere. The painting’s blue- and grey-toned monochrome palette conveys to perfection both the coolness and peacefulness of a winter's afternoon.

While the Impressionist movement found its beginnings in France in the 19th century, the style soon penetrated the American arts scene, where the style was imbued with a spirit of patriotism and optimism. Berthelsen’s urban landscapes are the perfect example of this progression, as his paintings of the urban landscape exude a hopefulness and beauty in each impressionistic stroke.

Born in Copenhagen in 1883, Berthelsen moved to New York City in 1920, at which time he began to paint these iconic cityscapes. His works exhibit a perceptive sensitivity to shifting environmental elements, including weather, light and atmosphere. Considering Berthelsen status as an immigrant in America, his emotive scenes that depict hopefulness and vibrancy gain a distinctive poignancy.

These iconic, sentimental New York winter scenes epitomize Berthelsen’s impressive oeuvre. His fascination with the city resonates through his work, and his iconic scenes such as this one are highly prized.

Circa 1940

Canvas: 16 1/8” high x 20 1/8” wide
Frame: 23 5/8” high x 27 3/4” wide
Winter in Washington Square, New York by Johann Berthelsen
Maker: Berthelsen, Johann
Period: 1919-Present
Origin: America
Type: Paintings
Depth: 3.0 Inches
Width: 27.75 Inches
Height: 23.63 Inches
Style: Impressionism
Canvas Width: 20 1/8 Inches
Canvas Height: 16 1/8 Inches

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