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A great piece of advice...

I was speaking with a client late last year about why he enjoys collecting art, and he told me something that has really stuck with me. He said, "If you can afford a Picasso, and you want a it. If the financial world collapses tomorrow, even amid the ruins you still own that Picasso and you can still enjoy it. But if the financial world collapses tomorrow and all of your money is in a bank or a company that no longer exists, then all you have is a worthless scrap ofpaper."


I've taken those words to heart myself. Several months ago, while traveling, I came across a remarkable, large map of New Orleans, which piqued my interest. It was a true rarity, dated 1880, depicting an area of New Orleans near where Audubon Park is today, during the New Orleans Industrial full color. I knew that Tulane University had a similar map in black in white. The one I had found was the only known example in color. I had to have it! My friend's advice came to mind, and I purchased the map. Now, I hope that my bank doesn't go under and my stocks don't tank any more than they already have! But I take comfort in knowing that my "investment" in the map is long lasting. When my friends and clients visit my home, I enjoy showing off my map and hearing them all say "how cool is that!"


We all know, collecting is fun...and it's also good to know that if you collect what you truly love, your enjoyment will be long lasting. I hope you can visit me in New Orleans and let me show you the many rare and wonderful pieces in our store. Maybe one or two pieces will pique your interest! Oh, by the way, my map is not for sale...not today, anyway.


All the best,





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