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At Rau our expansive collection of jewelry books that we have acquired over the years range from important design houses such as Cartier to the fabulous collections of Elizabeth Taylor and the Royal Family of England. Although not as exciting as the jewels themselves, these jewelry books make fabulous gifts and serve as a colorful reference guide. Their beautiful exteriors reflect the best of the jewelry of each design house, and the photographs give context to the finest collections in the world.


Our jewelry manager George Peralta has picked five of his favorite jewelry books that he believes every jewelry enthusiast should have in their collection. All containing a dazzling array of gems, these books are a fantastic way to spice up your home.


BVLGARI: 125 Years of Italian Magnificence: Grand Palais


This book does an impressive job of capturing the long spanning history of design and craftsmanship at Italy’s most famous jewelry maison. Beginning with the early career of Sotirio Bulgari, it details how the influence of Rome and its art, architecture and design were the driving inspiration for Bulgari’s creations. The pages are filled with the incredible jewels of the house encompassing some of their most iconic designs and highlighting the women who adored them.





If you are a lover of diamonds and history, this is absolutely a book that should belong on your shelf. The massive pear-cut diamond on the front is enough to spark the attention of any passerby. Detailing the stories of the world’s most famous (and infamous) diamonds, the pages of this book are filled with tales of cursed gems, wealthy socialites and perilous adventures. For even the most well-read diamond lover, this book will almost certainly uncover some fascinating new tidbits of information.



Bejewelled by Tiffany 1837-1987


The best works of the quintessential American jewelry design house Tiffany & Co. are put on display in this book. Focused mainly on the early Art Nouveau-style designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany, the pages of this book are filled with detailed drawings and their realized designs, so readers can envision how these pieces were brought to life. Not only are jewels the focus of this book, but also the incredibly ornate accessories such as perfume bottles and cigarette cases that the house sold to the American elite. This book primarily focuses on the early years of Tiffany & Co. and just hints at the iconic designs of Jean Schlumberger and Else Peretti, but for those who treasure the whimsical designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany this book is a must have.



High Jewelry and Precious Objects by Cartier: The Odyssey of a Style


The well-traveled Cartier brothers Pierre, Jacques and Louis took their grandfather’s business to an international level of fame and society. Inspired by their travels to the Africa, India and Asia, their jewels and objet d’art drew elements from each of these regions. Coupled with an eye for the finest gems and craftsmen who could bring their ideas to fruition, the jewels of 20th-century Cartier are truly pieces of art. This book focuses on each region and the designs they inspired, giving context to some of Cartier’s most iconic pieces. The stunning full-page photographs capture the color and texture that reign supreme in Cartier’s style and could almost be mistaken for the real thing.



Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry


Over her lifetime Elizabeth Taylor amassed a collection of jewels that rivaled most royal families. Not only did she have the finest pieces from Bulgari and Cartier, but she had jewels with significance such as the La Peregrina Pearl with its incredible 500-year history. Narrated in her own voice, this book tell the stories of her most memorable pieces and often the men that gifted them to her. Her sense of humor comes through as she tells of how she acquired each piece, and no matter the size or price of the gem, each seems to hold a special place in her memory. Throughout the book are highly detailed images of the pieces as well as images of Elizabeth wearing the jewels. This book radiates with the joy that her jewels brought to her life and it is well worth adding to your home library.



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