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Fall, Curated: Specialists' Top Picks for the Upcoming Season


Sales Consultant and Jewelry Specialist, George Peralta, discusses his top five picks and what he predicts will garner considerable attention this Fall.






An automaton is any moving mechanical device made to imitate some living form. For me, I find our automaton pieces are particularly exciting because they combine technical mastery, excellent craftsmanship, and overall charm. More than that, they are simply beautiful.


The rarest of all automata, and perhaps the most fascinating, are singing birds. Mimicking the song and movements of a real-life bird, these early “robots” are astonunding in their complexity. They are so lifelike that I often believe I am hearing an actual bird in our gallery when one of my colleagues plays a singing bird box nearby. While most singing bird automata are crafted into one-of-a kind boxes, this opulent example is housed in an elaborate 18K gold egg that evokes the grandeur of the imperial eggs by Fabergé. It is, without a doubt, simply the finest bird automaton ever made.






Impressionist Artists


Impressionists, particularly in the past decade, have performed exceedingly well at auction, and have maintained a high level of public perception that has truly surpassed any other artistic genre. In particular, French Impressionist Henry Moret, who in the past has quietly flown under the public radar, has in recent years gained significant notice. Moret’s canvases reveal his love of nature and France’s northern coastline, all infused with unsurpassed color and vibrancy.






Green Gemstones

2017 has been cited as the year of the “color revolution” for the jewelry market, cementing colored gemstones place among more traditional gems. In particular, green gemstones are experiencing an unstoppable rise. Representing youth, growth, and a nod to the natural world around us, it’s no surprise to me that rich emeralds and deep-colored green tourmalines are being considered a permanent fashion rather than a passing trend. Most importantly, these are gemstones that truly embody a gemstone’s main job: to just be beautiful.




2017 has been cited as the year of the "color revolution," with colored gemstones taking high precedence among jewelry consumers





When people think of sapphires, they think blue. My clients are often surprised to learn that sapphires come in numerous other hues – almost every color imaginable. My favorite color variety is the Padparadscha, a deep salmon-pink stone that is understood to be the most rare and remarkable of the sapphire family.


To put this in perspective, I recently sold a stunning Padparadscha to one of my clients and I was pleased to hear that her friends loved the piece just the same. However, they were shocked to find out that the colored gem was a sapphire simply because it wasn’t blue. For me, that’s the best part about colored gemstones – the boundless varieties available offer an ideally-suited stone for any individual.






Lasting Legacies

The name “Pissarro” bears quite a heavy weight in the realm of fine art and here in the gallery. You may know the name from the patriarch, Camille Pissarro, who stands as one of the most important founders of impressionism. So great was his influence that his grandson, known as H. Claude Pissarro, spent the great majority of his life from a very young age painting in his style. Amidst H. Claude’s outdoor, leisurely scenes, his strong impressionist roots are clearly on display.





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