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Find the Perfect Setting for Your Gemstone

The ideal ring has more than just an exceptional gemstone, it has the quintessential setting, too! Different ring settings offer one a variety of options for displaying gemstones in many different styles. From minimalist to complex, the setting of a ring is another way showcase your personal taste. And although it is a small accessory, the ring can be a major addition to one’s overall look — each detail matters! Once you have found the stone of your dreams, it is essential to place it in a setting that will enhance what you love about it. Here at M.S. Rau, we have numerous examples, and there is certainly something for everyone!


Solitaire Setting
Most engagement rings today have a diamond placed in the prong or solitaire setting. A prong may be described as a little metal claw that grasps the stone and holds it in place. This setting ensures that the stone of your choice is elevated off of the band, and the lack of metal or other stones surrounding the gem allows it to be the prominent feature. Additionally, since the prongs elevate the stone from the band and the finger, more light is allowed through which increasing the gemstone’s brilliance and fire.

31-0494 Radiant-Cut Diamond Ring, 10.03 Carats


Radiant-Cut Diamond Ring, 10.03 Carats



This particular ring is a splendid example of a solitaire or prong setting. The dazzling, radiant-cut diamond is the star of the show and is held just above sparkling band, allowing it to catch light beautifully while grabbing the attention of any onlooker. The center diamond is an astonishing 10.03 carats that is both virtually colorless and flawless. This classic solitaire setting is perfect for the diamond as it elevates and highlights it’s beauty with a simplistic display. The solitaire or prong setting would be ideal for someone looking to specifically show off their beloved gemstone.


Bezel Setting

The distinctive bezel setting is adored for it’s sleek and modern design. A bezel setting is defined by a thin band of precious metal surrounding the stone to keep it secure. In comparison to a prong setting, a bezel setting does not leave the gem as exposed, allowing a wearer with a more active lifestyle to sport their ring without fear of the stone being damaged. This setting leaves the gem completely wrapped in metal and very secure. Although less light passes through the stone in a bezel setting, the precious metal surrounding the gem may make it appear larger.

31-1306 Men’s Lightning Ridge Opal Ring


Men’s Lightning Ridge Opal Ring



This exceptional gentleman’s ring is a prime example of a bezel setting. The stunning 2.50 carat opal is nestled beautifully in an 18K yellow gold setting with a thin band of the precious metal surrounding it. Vivid greens, blues, oranges and yellows make up a kaleidoscope of colors in this one-of-a-kind gemstone. The bezel setting protects the special stone and causes it to look larger and more defined.



Halo ring settings have a similar effect as bezel settings in that they make the featured stone appear larger. By surrounding the main gem of your ring with smaller, enhancer stones, there is added beauty to the center of the ring. Additionally, having smaller gemstones accentuate the larger makes for a dazzling look. It is a great way to spotlight your center stone’s sparkle and brilliance.

29-9840 Fancy Pink Diamond Ring, 2.58 Carats


Fancy Pink Diamond Ring, 2.58 Carats



This unbelievably beautiful pink diamond is surrounded and accentuated by white diamonds that enhance the stone’s pinkish hue. Pink diamonds are considered among one of the most precious gemstones in the world, and to find one over a carat makes this ring all the rarer. By surrounding the center stone with dazzling white diamonds, this ring showcases the remarkable pink diamond with the importance that it deserves.



A bypass setting is a unique way to showcase your stone. In some instances, a bypass ring can highlight not just one center stone, but two. This setting fits around the finger normally, but instead of the two end shanks meeting in the middle, they pass each other, hence the name of the setting. A bypass setting is a fabulous way to showcase your stone in a fun and distinctive style.

31-1574 Fancy Vivid Yellow-Orange Diamond Bypass Ring, 3.31 Carats


Fancy Vivid Yellow-Orange Diamond Bypass Ring, 3.31 Carats



This exceptional yellow-orange diamond ring is an amazing example of a bypass setting. Two captivating colored diamonds kiss in the middle of the setting enhanced with beautiful brilliant round cut white diamonds totaling 3.57 carats. Not one, but two remarkable gemstones are displayed in this perfect example of a bypass setting. These eye-catching, pear shaped jewels hug the wearer’s finger in an incredibly fashionable way.


Whether you are looking for a setting to highlight and enhance your stone with a solitaire or prong setting, intensify it with a bezel or halo setting, or add a stylistic flare with a bypass mounting, M.S. Rau has you covered. Please browse our extensive collection of rings and estate jewelry to find a setting that is right for you.


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