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Unique Diamonds For April’s Birthstone

Original article written by Beth Bernstein for Forbes

It’s April and diamonds are the birthstone of this month. See previous stories on the history and more about the coveted gems here. But there is also some news around diamonds recently such as the largest white diamond ever to appear at auction, the luck of an estate dealer to find a piece with celebrity provenance, the number of diamonds worn during red carpet season, and antique/vintage diamond jewelry you will want to own.


Bill Rau President and CEO and third generation of MS Rau estate jewelers also broke some news of purchasing the Harry Winston diamond necklace that Aristotle Onasis bought for his daughter Christina. Born into a world of wealth and style, Christina was known for her extravagant collection of haute couture jewels, and this necklace stood as one of its highlights.



VERSAILLES, FRANCE - UNDATED: Christina Onassis, daughter of Greek shipping magnet Aristotle Onassis, is seen during a party at Vaux le Vicomte in Versailles, France. (Photo by Michel Dufour/WireImage)

Christina’s daughter auctioned the necklace through Christie's in 2008 after her mother passed away. “We are always searching for pieces of provenance and storied jewelry,” says Rau who has bought and sold other important and famous pieces. “It was amazing how it came to us. It came from an estate in the northeast—first, the family went to their local jewelry to purchase it and it was beyond what they could pay. We received the call next and we jumped on it.”


He continues, “The pendant is a 38-carate Golconda diamond, which is the purest of all diamonds, possessing a level of clarity, purity and transparency unrivaled by any other stone. They are universally accepted as the finest diamonds in the world.”


“The central diamond is pear-shaped. It is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as being both D color and Type IIa, r, making this gem a full two shades whiter than the whitest D-color diamond. TIt also displays VVS1 clarity, meaning its remarkable color is virtually unmarred by any imperfection.”



The necklace that Aristotle Onassis gave to his Daughter Christina as a gift



The entire necklace was designed by Jacques Timey for Harry Winston and the total weight of the necklace from which the pendant hangs is 20.00-25.00 TCW of additional diamonds of G color and VS clarity and is se in platinum and 18K white gold. It is stamped with French assay marks for platinum and 18K white gold and with a maker's mark for Jacques Timey.


Rau adds, “It’s my guess that the diamond might have been larger and Harry Winston had it recut and refashioned. The shape not a modern shape but this imbues the stone with even more of an enchanting quality extraordinary character, brilliance and personality.”


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