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How to Wear Jewelry: A Guide for Men

Self-expression through accessories is not limited to women! The wonderful world of men’s jewelry is exciting and surprisingly vast. From formal cufflinks and lapel pins to casual watches and rings, the possibilities are endless. If you are looking for expert advice on how to wear jewelry for men, you have come to the right place. Peruse our extensive collection of jewelry made especially for men as we guide you through unique ways to accessorize based on your taste and personality.


Enhancing Your Personal Style Through Jewelry


Accessories aren't just for women. In fact, classic jewelry staples allow men to add a personalized touch to any ensemble. A few signature pieces like a classic pendant necklace, metal bracelet, money clip, lapel pin, or cufflinks can add a touch of fashion and elevate any look. When choosing your mens jewelry piece, consider your personal style and personality. Are you more bold and daring or understated and quiet? Select your fine jewelry pieces to reflect your inner self. Once you have chosen your perfect pieces, be sure to store your jewelry in order to preserve its quality over time.




Cufflinks are the perfect marriage between the functional and the ornamental - and no black tie outfit is complete without them! Whereas women can wear colorful dresses and fine jewelry, men can present their personalities in a more understated fashion through gold or sterling silver cufflinks. Feeling fancy? Try wearing a pair of gold Art Nouveau cufflinks. The gentle details and organically inspired design are sure to reflect the sentiment of the French style. Feeling funny? Lighten the mood with these enamel pig-shaped cufflinks! Adorable and full of personality, they will introduce a bit of levity to a more serious ensemble. With so many different styles to choose from, our selection of cufflinks makes it easy for you to find the perfect accessory for any formal occasion.


History buffs take note. These cufflinks feature the miniature faces of Queen Alexandra and King Edward VII. Wearing these stunning 15K gold accessories would surely catch the attention of anyone who takes an interest in the royal family.




What time is it? Time to get the perfect wristwatch! From casual to formal, wristwatches are a staple of the well-appointed gentleman's wardrobe. For the sports fanatic, try wearing a stylish watch once owned by the great Yankee centerfielder and star, Joe DiMaggio! His $10 Gold Coin watch would look dapper accompanied with any casual outfit and would simultaneously be an excellent conversation piece — unless you are chatting with a Red Sox fan.


Whether you prefer a gold or sterling silver antique watch, this piece of men's jewelry is sure to be a staple for your wardrobe. For a true watch aficionado, there is no going wrong with a Patek Philippe. This Patek Philippe Reference 5070J Chronograph Wristwatch is subtle enough to wear every day to the office but flashy enough to show off your excellent taste.


The man on the cutting edge would appreciate a Leviev watch such as this Limited Edition Mega Yacht II Wristwatch. The 18K red gold case is unique and sure to be the perfect accessory to a modern, sporty outfit.




Men’s rings made of a precious metal make the perfect accessory for everyday wear. Adding a ring to an outfit can completely elevate the look. Whether you sport a signet ring, pinky ring or statement ring, they are all sure to add a unique detail to your wardrobe.


For the man who loves gemstones, a wonderful star sapphire ring set in 14K yellow gold would be a stunning choice. This stone weighs over 30 carats and is set next to two shining white diamonds. Try wearing a watch with yellow gold details to complete the look.


Legendary rockstar and America's heartthrob Elvis Presley often incorporated rings into his iconic style. Why not emulate and pay homage to the King by wearing quality jewelry pieces from his estate? Hammered gold and 20 white diamonds epitomize Elvis's bold, rock-n-roll style in this custom-made ring.


Show how tough you are by wearing this spinel and diamond skull ring around.


Lapel Pins


Traditional bar pins and brooches are often used in women’s wear to secure scarves and add flair, but almost any could be an exceptional addition to a gentleman’s jacket or tie. We suggest wearing a lapel pin or tie bar to liven up your outfit and give it a truly personal touch.


To create a sophisticated look, try matching your Art Nouveau cufflinks to this beautiful bar pin by Krementz & Co. Elegant diamonds inset alongside three graceful women chased in 14K yellow gold lend this pin a timeless quality that will surely garner attention. It really is the perfect statement jewelry piece when dressing up in formal wear!


If gold is not your style, opt for sleek platinum metal instead, like in this diamond and sapphire period Art Deco bar pin. The contrasting white diamonds and blue sapphires create a bright, clean look against a simple black lapel, while the retro shapes and setting give your look a swinging 20's vibe!


Looking for a truly unique bar pin on your jacket to turn some heads when dressed in formal wear? This Art Deco jade jabot pin by Cartier will undoubtedly do the trick! Red and black enamel details juxtaposed with a stunning specimen of jade create a perfect backdrop for the white diamonds and rubies.


Whether your style is casual, sophisticated or trendsetting, it can always benefit from a collection of fine men’s jewelry pieces. Subscribe to our email newsletter to stay up-to-date on M.S. Rau’s ever-changing collection of treasures to find a piece that truly speaks to you.


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