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An Invitation to a Masterpiece - Picasso

Artist, Creator, Poet…Pablo Picasso, an artist known to almost every ear, rests as one of the most prolific and well-known artists, individuals, and influencers in the history of art. Mainly working in the abstract and cubism fields, this 20th century Spanish artist created paintings, ceramics, prints, drawings, and various writings. He is known as a co-founder of the Cubist movement, a revolutionary field of art that firmly secured itself within the avant-garde and represented abstracted objects in a way to give multiple viewpoints. This flourishing movement came with various international influences, such as African and Native American. Like Picasso, these artists were immensely curious in the stark and strong appearances and emotions evoked by these robust and unique cultures.



Originally printed as an invitation to his 1961 ceramics exhibition at the Madoura Gallery, this rare, original linocut mimics the strong, linear style of Picasso’s modern ceramic designs.


For Picasso, this influence from unique cultures left a lasting impression on his sculpture. Ceramics created during his vast career hold designs and patterns similar to modern, abstract, and primal aesthetics. One such ceramics exhibition held in 1961 at the Madoura Gallery captured enormous interest and adoration of this modern style. The ceramics, while ranging in size, shape and color, all possessed Picasso’s strong, linear style. What aided the popularity and positive analysis of the exhibition were the stunning invitations


This unique item was originally drawn and printed by Picasso as an invitation for his stunning sculpture exhibition. It is a linoleum-cut print that features designs of certain ceramics that were present at the show. Three different horizontal registers contain three drawings that speak to certain pieces and aesthetics that were present in his exhibition. Most of these invitations were lost or destroyed and few, such as this one, are preserved and were never sent. Printed on fine woven paper, this print is number 18 of only 100 copies and Picasso’s signature is found in the bottom left hand corner.


The invitation, petite yet prominent in its presence, reveals Picasso’s striking artistic innovation. It represents not only new influences in art, but the elasticity of Picasso’s talent. These abstract, linear, and bold designs are extraordinary in their design and are a testament to the phenomenal craftsmanship that Picasso possessed.


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