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Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas For the Man Who Has Everything

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HAUTE LIVING, June 16, 2015 - Father’s Day is swiftly approaching. If you haven’t decided on a gift for your old man yet, consider M.S. Rau Antiques, an antique store that features a selection of the most over the top gifts for dads who enjoy the finer things in life. From the globe trekker to the sports enthusiast, here are five gift ideas sure to make him glad he’s your dad.

Necessaire VoyageFor The Globe Trekker

Impress your traveling Dad with this 19th Century 24-piece English Necessaire de Voyage, perfect for those traveling in style. Crafted of finest coromandel, this chest features a fitted leather and green velvet-lined interior. It houses various toiletry accouterments, including cut crystal containers, gilt-handled manicure tools, a pair of ivory-handled brushes and even a pocket watch. A panel inside the lid hides a secret compartment and a large, free-standing mirror, while the lockable storage compartment below is ideal for concealing precious valuables, accessed via a secret button located on the center lid hinge. Price: $24,500

BakersMachineFor The Sports Enthusiast

Now that the Triple Crown is behind us, you can now bring the horse racing excitement back home with this extraordinary Baker’s Pacers coin-operated horse-racing machine produced by the Baker Novelty and Manufacturing Company of Chicago. Well-known as a “long case” model, this ritzy machine allows dad to place nickel bets on up to seven mechanical horses in a short track race. Price: $42,500

Railway LiqueurFor The Entertainer

Sophisticated man enjoys the art of entertaining his fellow buddies. Gift this rare cavé liqueur, or Gentlemen’s Liqueur, in the form of an engraved, doré bronze railway truck. The set is complete with four crystal decanters bearing colorfully enameled labels (Cassis, Cognac, Anisette, Armanoal) and 16 cordials accented in gold leaf. Two tiny buckets hang from each side for holding matches. Circa 1880. Price: $12,500

SportingRifleFor The Huntsman

For the outdoor aficionado, who enjoys hunting and an adventure, what collection would be complete without this rare German Schuetzen Sporting Rifle. This rifle is an example of advanced weapons engineering. Known as a sporting rifle, this gun is almost certainly tailor-made, touting exceptional carving on the stock, including a forestock carved in the form of a hunting hound as well as an elaborate engraving. Price: $28,850

ClockWatchFor the Historian

The history buff who appreciates precious antiques can turn back time with this 18th-century Turkish “clock-watch” by Cardinaux of Paris. This is among the finest pocket watches M.S. Rau Antiques have to offer. This timepiece exemplifies the opulence and ingenuity that piqued the interests of the Middle Eastern elite. Price: $34,500


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