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All the king's horses and all the king's men...

julieimage3Container day is a really great time at M.S. Rau. Even though we have to be at work so early, the excitement of opening the boxes overcomes our sleepiness! There are so many unique pieces to find amidst all the cardboard and paper.

My favorite piece in our new container has to be the German Maximilian Field Armor. It was a true group effort just to get this piece unwrapped. A leg here, a torso there, and even the horse's tail was wrapped up by itself! With so many comments and jokes made with each unwrapped section, it was a massive team effort to get 'him' put together. Once everything was assembled he was quite a commanding sight.

Fitted for both man and his steed, this armor was actually used for jousting tournaments during the mid-19th century. Considering this, it remains in incredible condition. The style of the suit was originally designed for the Emperor Maximilian I, who wanted a stronger armor that would not sacrifice flexibility and maneuverability. To accomplish this, the armor was skillfully designed with fluting arranged in radiating bands.


Reminding everyone of days gone by, this has been a gallery favorite, not only for the people working here, but for the customers walking through the door. At first glance, this knight sitting astride this massive horse looks very real! Visitors are always amazed at the great, unusual pieces we are able to find to bring into the gallery, and it is the pieces like this wonderful suit of armor that keep our customers coming back for more. They love adding the unique conversation pieces to their homes. Please call me, I would love to tell you more about it!


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