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Pick a Painting, any Painting!


A Woman on a Path by a Cottage by John Atkinson Grimshaw


Of all the items in my home, paintings truly give me the most pleasure. I am amazed by the fact that you can look at paintings thousands of times without noticing every detail. There is always something fresh to be found in a great painting. I have sold several paintings by John Atkinson Grimshaw over the years, whose paintings always intrigue me. As one of the prominent Victorian painters, he produced spectacular moonlit scenes. Well, I found a Grimshaw-inspired painting of ships at night with a full moon shining on the waves to hang in my home, and it brings me great joy.



It is fun to build collections of paintings for clients, and since I see so many works from various artists, I can really separate the great ones from the good ones. Because artists painted to make a living, there are, in the trade, paintings considered “commercial grade” that they cranked out. Then there are the really spectacular ones that jump out at you that you fall immediately in love with. Take for instance, A Woman on a Path by a Cottage by Grimshaw, a glowing nocturne, or Village sous la neige by Maurice de Vlaminck, a wonderfully expressive Fauvist landscape. Let’s not forget A Young Girl Crocheting by Alexi Harlamoff, a charming portrait of a young peasant girl fully concentrated on her crocheting project. The list goes on and on, and I’m certain that we have an original painting for sale that fits every taste.


I would love to share my passion for great art with you and help you find pieces that you will enjoy and love forever.  Please send me an email or call me to let me know what subject matter, artists or period of paintings that you would like to collect.



Village sous la neige by Maurice de Vlaminck



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