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The Royal Treatment: Silver Flatware


Fabergé Flatware 103 pieces; Silver, 12 place setting and serving pieces.


How would you really like to astonish your friends at your next dinner party? It’s easier than you think. All you have to do is to serve dinner or brunch using your best sterling silver flatware. That’s right, no plastic, not even stainless steel…..but your finest sterling silver flatware. You know, the one that was left to you from your grandmother, the one you registered for at the time of your wedding or the one you bought from M.S. Rau Antiques.


Your guests will immediately take note, sit up straight in their chairs and wonder what they did to be so honored. Don’t wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas, have a “Let’s Celebrate Spring” Sunday Brunch! Don’t even worry about what to serve. You can order from the local deli. They are going to be so impressed with the silver, no one will notice the food!


What did you say? You do not have a sterling silver flatware set…..well I know exactly where you can get a fabulous set. One in a fitted box, polished, pristine and with all the pieces! I think you know.


I happen to have a favorite flatware set at the moment. It's a 103-piece set by Faberge, manufactured in Russia specifically designed and created with the Czar in mind. Its absolute elegance, simplicity and superb workmanship, represents the epitome of Russian decorative arts. Your guests will feel like royalty because they will truly be eating like royalty.


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