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The Glass Master


Lalique Perles Perfume Bottles, circa 1926. This set of three flacons by René Lalique displays the exquisite Perles pattern. Lalique remains one of the most popular designers and sculptors during the Art Deco period, and glass aficionados and amateur collectors alike the world over continue to marvel at the grace, magnificence and authenticity of his creations.


René Lalique's work is universally admired around the world. We here at M S Rau Antiques and the new Musée Lalique in Alsace France, the first museum solely dedicated to René Lalique's glass and crystal works, have some of the finest and rarest of his beautiful pieces.


René Lalique was a significant contributor to the Art Nouveau movement of the early 20th century, and is best known for his pioneering style of glass making which is elegantly demonstrated in the current example. This penchant for innovation and eye for style made Lalique one of the premiere craftsmen at the Paris Exhibition of 1925.


Over the course of his celebrated career, Lalique made perfume bottles, chandeliers, clocks and other items for various jewelry and design houses, and later showed a genius for using glass in interior architectural elements, most notably in the lighted walls and glass columns that graced the dining room and grand salon of the legendary French liner SS Normandie.  He also excelled in crafting fine jewelry for the actress Sarah Bernhardt. Later, near the final years of his life, he designed a series of automobile hood ornaments that are considered tiny masterpieces.


The Lalique pieces we have here in the gallery are Museum quality and are cornerstone pieces for any collection.  I would love to help with your collection, please call me!



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