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$16 million dollars and two simple words tell the 300-year-old tale of New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS - The words are simple.

Simple, but powerful.


And Virtue.

At M. S. Rau Antiques in New Orleans French Quarter, the two words, Vice and Virtue, are the name of an exhibit.

It's an exhibit of $16 million worth of art. Some of it is for sale. Some of it is from private collections for your eyes only.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is in the heart of Vice and Virtue in the heart of New Orleans French Quarter.

The words, Vice and Virtue describe the exhibit of art and the history of New Orleans.  It's a history that is now 300 years old.

Vice and Virtue celebrates the city's Tricentennial in a way that only New Orleans could.

The art and artifacts celebrate and show the kind of struggle the city has been in the middle of since the start.

It's fine art.

It's rare objects.

Pious and pure.

From Bourbon Street to the front pews on on Sunday morning of ever church in the city.

What will you see at Vice and Virtue?

Well, for example:

  •  A wolf head iron shame mask that was used back during in the Middle Ages to punish offenders - ouch!
  • A painting that's called  Praying Madonna by the artist Sassoferrato
  • And a collection of walking sticks that includes a prostitute's whip cane, a gambler's tap dice cane and a prohibition flask cane that doubles up on duties for the person who would be hauling it down Bourbon Street.

If you want to see, you can.

If you want to buy, some of you can do that, too.

Head over to M. S. Rau Antiques.  It is located in the heart of New Orleans French Quarter.  Here's the location:

630 Royal Street

New Orleans, LA 70130



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