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Aquamarine Jewelry: A Symbol of Serenity and Beauty

Shop for Gorgeous Aquamarine Jewelry Online or in Our New Orleans Gallery

Aquamarine is one of the most desirable and versatile gemstones in the world. It has a captivating blue color that ranges from pale sky to deep ocean. It is also the birthstone for March and the traditional gift for the 19th wedding anniversary. But more than that, aquamarine jewelry has a long and fascinating history that spans cultures and continents. At M.S. Rau, we offer a dazzling selection of aquamarine jewelry for sale, including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Whether you are looking for a simple solitaire ring or a statement necklace, you will find it at our online shop or our gallery in New Orleans.

Aquamarine jewelry has been prized for centuries for its beauty and symbolism. The ancient Greeks believed that aquamarine could calm the waves and protect sailors. The Romans associated aquamarine with Neptune, the god of the sea and water. The Egyptians used aquamarine as a healing stone and a source of wisdom. The Christians regarded aquamarine as a sign of purity and faith. The royals of Europe and Asia adorned themselves with aquamarine jewelry to display their elegance and grace. And today, many people wear aquamarine jewelry as a way of expressing their personal style and serenity.

At M.S. Rau, we are passionate about aquamarine jewelry and we have been collecting and selling it for over a century. We have a team of experts who carefully research and authenticate every piece we offer, ensuring that you can buy aquamarine jewelry online with confidence. We also back every piece we sell with an unparalleled 125% guarantee, giving you the assurance you need to shop our exquisite rare jewelry for sale.

Browse Our Collection of Aquamarine Jewelry Online or Visit Our Gallery

Our collection of aquamarine jewelry is unmatched in quality and variety. You can browse from fine aquamarine rings in different styles and settings, such as vintage, modern, halo, cluster and more. You can also find stunning aquamarine earrings in various shapes and cuts, such as studs, drops, hoops, pear, oval and more. You can also admire the beauty and elegance of aquamarine necklaces in different lengths and designs, such as solitaire, pendant, strand, choker and more. You can also explore the charm and versatility of aquamarine bracelets in different types and materials, such as bangle, cuff, tennis, gold, silver and more.

No matter what type of aquamarine jewelry you are looking for, you will find it at M.S. Rau. Our online shop allows you to shop from anywhere in the world. You can also visit our gallery in New Orleans, where you can see our aquamarine jewelry in person and enjoy our friendly and knowledgeable service. Whether you buy aquamarine jewelry online or in our gallery, you will be delighted by our exceptional selection and customer care.

Our selection of aquamarine jewelry is constantly changing as we acquire new treasures. Shop now and discover why M.S. Rau is the ultimate destination for aquamarine jewelry online.