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Antique Crystal Glassware & High-End Stemware

For the antique glass collector, adding crystal gobbles, antique wine glasses, and high-end crystal stemware is the perfect way to create a classic tablescape for dinner parties and events. European crystal glassware is both functional and beautiful, ranging from decorative wine glasses to stunning table decor and antique silver flatware. No matter what kind of party you are hosting, a set of antique crystal glassware is a must for those special occasions, family holidays, or any other elegant gathering. M.S. Rau’s antique glassware is the perfect addition to elevate any event.

Whether you are shopping for antique goblets or vintage crystal glassware, our cut crystal collection has a variety of pieces highlighting different colors, designs, and styles. Each of our antique crystal glasses is made with exceptional artistry, brilliant luminance, and exquisite design, providing you with one-of-a-kind pieces for your dining room table and home. Our curated collection of vintage glassware and crystal stemware is perfect for enjoying red wine or champagne with your dinner guests. Add effortless style to your table with classic, yet rare Waterford crystal designs that will pair beautifully with your dinnerware. Our vintage stemware is in excellent condition and makes a beautiful gift for every collector.

If you are looking for a set of European crystal glassware made with the highest quality design and artistry, M.S. Rau is here to help you find an elegant antique piece for your home. Come and shop our wide selection of antique crystal glasses and goblets on our website or in person at our expansive showroom.
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