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5 feet tall and with 65 individual dials. This rare Patek Philippe world time tower was made for the Swiss Parliament and is now on sale for $375,000


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An incredibly rare Patek Philippe electronic world time tower clock is up for sale, and it is said to be the largest and oldest of its kind ever made. Made in 1971, the bespoke time system was crafted for the Swiss parliament building in Bern. Measuring 33 1/2″ wide by 11 3/4″ deep by 57 3/4″ high, the unit is massive in size and features 22 modules with the ability to tell the time in 65 locations. In 1946 when renowned horology brand Patek Philippe established its Electronic Clock System division, which was created to make the most accurate timekeeping clocks and watches on the market. The timekeeping system was regarded as the most technologically advanced of its time. By the 1970s, the Swiss company perfected the technology, and the master clocks were “considered the most cutting edge and precise systems on the market.”



These remarkable clocks were made on a commissioned basis for only the most important clients. What that means is no two systems made by Patek Philippe were alike, and all the master clock systems ever made are completely bespoke. These clocks were employed at businesses and services, including airports, hospitals, radio stations, and office buildings, that demanded exact time to be uniformly displayed throughout a building or complex. This particular Patek Philippe clock tower has been put up for sale by M.S. Rau – an internationally recognized antiques and fine art dealer. The asking price for this incredibly rare collectors’ item is $375,000.



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